NASD and Storage Related Work Elsewhere


The Netstation project at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute.

The Swarm Scalable Storage System at the University of Arizona.

Petal is a project to research highly scalable block-level storage systems. Frangipani is a scalable distributed file system built using Petal.

xFS: Serverless Network File Service attempts to provide low latency, high bandwidth access to file system data by distributing the functionality of the server (e.g. cache coherence, locating data, and servicing disk requests) among the clients.

Working Groups

IEEE's Storage System Standards working group pages define standards that incorporate network storage.

HICSS-30 Task Force on Network Storage Architecture.

General Storage Information

Disktrend's list of Links to Storage Industry Web Pages.

David Kotz's Parallel I/O Archive is a general resource for research in parallel I/O. There is also an excellent bibliography.

Standards Groups

National Storage Industry Consortium (NSIC)

Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)