NoisePage is a relational database management system (DBMS) designed from the ground up for autonomous deployment. It uses integrated machine learning components to control its configuration, optimization, and tuning. The system will support automated physical database design (e.g., indexes, materialized views, sharding), knob configuration tuning, SQL tuning, and hardware capacity/scaling. Our research focuses on building the system components that support such self-driving operation with little to no human guidance. We seek to create a system that not only able to optimize the current workload, but also to predict future workload trends and prepare itself accordingly.

The goal of the NoisePage project is to build a self-driving DBMS that will continue to operate on its own for the long term.

Our plan is for NoisePage to support the most common database tuning techniques without requiring humans to determine the right way and proper time to deploy them. It will also enable new optimizations that are important for modern high-performance DBMSs, but which are not possible today because the complexity of managing these systems has surpassed human experts' abilities.

NoisePage is intended to be a viable, open source DBMS. Some key features include:

  • Postgres compatible wire-protocol, SQL, and catalogs.

  • Arrow compatible columnar storage.

  • Lock-free multi-version concurrency control.

  • Just-in-time query compilation using the LLVM.

  • Vectorized execution using relaxed-operator fusion (ROF).

  • Integrated machine learning components to support autonomous optimizations.

  • Lock-free Bw-Tree indexes.

  • 100% Open-Source (MIT License)



Andy Pavlo
Todd Mowry


Lin Ma
Matt Butrovich
Prashanth Menon
Wan Shen Lim
Ziqi Dong
Joseph Koshakow
Arvind Sai Krishnan
Ricky Xu
Ling Zhang


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