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As a service to the industry members of the Parallel Data Consortium, we will list job descriptions and contact information for related openings at their sites.

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Internships & PostDocs - 2020 / 21

Google New Listing - 01/28/21
Software Engineering Intern, L4 PRoject
none given
Microsoft Research New Listing - 03/10/21
Intern: low memory footprint + low amplification storage systems
none given
Microsoft Research New Listing - 05/12/21
Research Intern - Optics for the Cloud
none given
Microsoft Research New Listing - 01/13/21
Research Intern - Azure for Operators
none given
Microsoft Research POSTDOC POSITION:
Researcher: Machine Learning
none given
Microsoft Research Software Engineering Intern none given
Samsung Storage & Memory Internships - multiple opportunities none given
Two Sigma Software Engineering Internship none given
VMware Intern - VMware Research none given

Full Time Positions

Amazon Advertising Analytics and Insights Team
- Sr. Applied Scientist
- Applied Scientist
NEW - 01/04/21
Google multiple positions
Software Engineer, Hardware/Software Co-Design
NEW - 02/04/21
Microsoft Azure multiple positions
- Principal Software Engineering Lead
- Senior Software Engineer
- Software Engineer 2
- Software Engineer
NEW - 02/08/21
Microsoft Research multiple positions
- Research Residency: Intelligent Optical Systems Design
- Senior Researcher
NEW - 05/11/21
Microsoft Research multiple positions
- Students and New Graduates: Software Engineer
NetApp Performance Analysis Engineer NEW - 02/11/21
Oracle Software Developer 08/24/20
Two Sigma Software Engineer 09/08/20
VMware VMware Research - multiple positions 09/16/20

Other Opportunities

  none to list at this time  

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