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The PDL Packet - Summer 2020 Newsletter



High Availability in Cheap Distributed Key Value Storage
Thomas Kim, Daniel Lin-Kit Wong, Gregory R. Ganger, Michael Kaminsky,
David G. Andersen
SoCC ’20, October 19–21, 2020, Virtual Event, USA.

Memory-based storage currently offers the highest-performance distributed storage, keeping the primary copy of all data in DRAM. Recent advances in non-volatile main memory (NVMM) technologies promise latency similar to DRAM at reduced cost and energy, but will make providing high availability more challenging [...more]

Order-Preserving Key Compression for In-Memory Search Trees
Huanchen Zhang, Xiaoxuan Liu, David G. Andersen, Michael Kaminsky,
Kimberly Keeton, Andrew Pavlo
SIGMOD’20, June 14–19, 2020. Virtual Portland, OR.

We present the High-speed Order-Preserving Encoder (HOPE) for in-memory search trees. HOPE is a fast dictionary-based compressor that encodes arbitrary keys while preserving their order. HOPE’s approach is to identify common key patterns at a fine granularity and exploit the entropy to achieve high compression rates with a small dictionary. [...more]

TVARAK: Software-Managed Hardware Offload for Redundancy in
Direct-Access NVM Storage

Rajat Kateja, Nathan Beckmann, Greg Ganger
47th International Symposium on Computer Architecture, May 30 – June 3, 2020,
Virtual Valencia, Spain.

Production storage systems complement device-level ECC (which covers media errors) with system-checksums and cross-device parity. This system-level redundancy enables systems to detect and recover from data corruption due to device firmware bugs (e.g., reading data from the wrong physical location). [...more]

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