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November 23, 1998
Garth Gibson awarded Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Award
Garth Gibson, David Patterson (UC Berkeley), and Randy Katz (UC Berkeley) have been awarded the IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Award "for the developmment of Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)." The award, established in 1991 to acknowledge "outstanding contributions in the field of information storage with emphasis in the area of computer storage", is awarded to an individual or a team of not more than three, and consists of a bronze medal, certificate and $5,000 cash prize. The award honors Reynold B. Johnson, "renowned as a pioneer of magnetic disk technology and founding manage of the IBM San Jose Research and Engineering Laboratory in 1952." Garth, Dave and Randy join an illustrious and distinguished crew of honored researchers, including most recently Jean-Pierre Lazzari (1998/SILMAG), Alan Shugart (1997/Seagate Technology), Nobutake Imamura (1996/Tosoh Corporation), and James Lemke (1995/Recording Physics, Inc).
(from SCS-Today, Nov. 23, 1998)

November 13, 1998
NetBSD Picks up RAIDframe
We are pleased to announce that RAIDframe version 1.1 is now a kernel device driver in NetBSD-current ( The sources were added to the main -current development tree on Nov. 12, 1998 and are now available on All of the supported architectures are not yet tested, and not all functionality is turned on yet, but things are progressing. This means that RAIDframe is now available in NetBSD-current as a kernel device driver on Alpha's, Amiga's, Acorn RISC PC's, Atari's, hp300's, i386's, Macintosh's, DECstations, Sparc's, Sun3's, and yes, even VAX's :-) Future releases of NetBSD (1.4 and beyond) will have the RAIDframe kernel driver as a standard feature. Additional information on NetBSD and RAIDframe is available at
(from Greg Oster, Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA).

April 13, 1998
Test of Time Award
Garth Gibson, David Patterson and Randy Katz have received the "Test of Time" Award for their 1988 SIGMOD paper, "A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)". The Test of Time award, newly established, will be awarded annually to "the most influential paper from the SIGMOD proceedings 10 years ago." Proving that good ideas are timeless, Garth, David and Randy were honored during SIGMOD98.
(from SCS-Today, April 13, 1998)