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September 2002
Mengzhi Wang receives Best Student Paper Award at Performance 2002
Mengzhi Wang's paper, "Capturing the Spatio-Temporal Behavior of Real Traffic Data," co-authored with Anastassia Ailamaki and Christos Faloutsos, has been awarded best student paper at the 22nd edition of the IFIP WG 7.3 International Symposium on Computer Modeling, Measurement and Evaluation, held in Rome, Italy, Sept 23-27. Congratulations Mengzhi!

August 2002
FAST 2003 Submissions Due in Early September
After a very successful first Conference on File and Storage Technologies, FAST has been established as the premiere forum for storage systems research. The submission deadline for the second FAST conference is rapidly approaching, and we hope the storage community (academia and industry alike) collectively keeps the momentum going." FAST 2003's webpage is

April 2002
PDL Makes the Headlines
On April 10, C|net News reprinted a CMU press release outlining the use of medieval castle architecture by Greg Ganger and the PDL as the inspiration for an innovative approach to computer security. This approach has self-securing devices erecting their own security perimeters and defending their own critical resources just the way individual parts of medieval castles formed distinct protective barriers, such as moats, inner sanctums, and strategically placed guard towers. The press release can be found online or as a pdf document.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and WPXI also visited Greg and the PDL to talk about computer security innovations. The PPG article may be found online or as a pdf document.

April 2002
PDL Student Receives IBM PH.D. Fellowship
Stavros Harizopoulos (CS, Advisor: Anastassia Ailamaki) has been awarded a prestigious IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for 2002/2003. These competitive awards recognize "outstanding research and technical excellence in areas of interest to IBM" and provide a stipend, tuition, and fees, in addition to an opportunity to pursue technical careers in IBM's Research Division or development laboratories. Other SCS students also receiving this award are Nikhil Bansal (CS, Advisor: Avrim Blum), and Lu Luo (ISRI, Advisor: Dan Siewiorek).
(SCS Today, April 9, 2002)

March 2002
Ailamaki and Harchol-Balter Recieve NSF Career Awards
Anastassia Ailamaki and Mor Harchol-Balter have each been awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER Award. This prestigious program recognizes and supports the early career development of "young faculty members...most likely to become the academic leaders of the 21st century." Selection is made on the basis of creative, integrative, and effective research and education career development plans that build a firm foundation for a lifetime of integrated contributions to research and education. Anastassia's research focuses on "Bridging Databases and Computer Architecture: Optimizing DBMS for Deep Memory Hierarchies", while Mor explores "The Impact of Resource Scheduling on Improving Server Performance."
(SCS Today, March 14, 2002)

February 2002
PDL paper named Best Student Paper at FAST 2002
The program committee of the USENIX Conference on File and Storage technologies (FAST '02) awarded Best Student Paper to PDL researchers Jiri Schindler, John Linwood Griffin, Christopher R. Lumb, and Gregory R. Ganger for their paper "Track-Aligned Extents: Matching Access Patterns to Disk Drive Characteristics." The conference included 21 papers (three of which were PDL submissions) chosen from a pool of 110 submissions. This paper is available on our publications page.

January 2002
PDL Receives Intel Equipment Grant
The PDL would like to thank Intel Corporation for its generous donation of equipment in support of our research. The PDL received 3 fully equipped 1.7 GHz WS530 Xeon DP Workstations and 100 PIII 850 MHz boxed processors (for use in upgrading previously donated Intel equipment). This equipment is being used for PDL research experiments.

January 2002
PDL Graduate Student Awarded Microsoft Research Fellowship
Microsoft Corporation has chosen Shimin Chen, CS/PDL Ph.D. student and Mike Seltzer, ECE doctoral student, to receive Microsoft Research Fellowships. Competition for the coveted award was intense, with only 13 fellowships given to 52 highly qualified applicants. The fellowship offers generous financial support for two years, including 100 percent of Carnegie Mellon University tuition and fees; a stipend for living expenses of up to $20,000; a conference and travel allowance; a laptop computer complete with Microsoft software; and a $1,000 donation to the students' advisors, Todd Mowry, Associate Professor of CS and ECE, and Richard Stern, Professor of ECE, Biomedical Engineering, and CS. Chen and Seltzer also have the opportunity to participate in a 12-week paid internship, allowing the Fellows to interact with Microsoft Researchers and work in areas relevant to their own research.
(ECE News, Jan, 2001)


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