14th Annual Workshop & Retreat
October 4 - 6, 2006



Mr. Dinesh G Dutt
Technical Leader
Cisco Systems Inc.
I've been with Cisco for the past 8 years working in software product development and then architecture of Cisco's enterprise class of switches, chiefly Cat6K and the new Fibre channel family of switches, MDS 9000. Before this, I've worked on X terminal software, developing X extensions and on embedded OSes.
Research interests:
Self-* Storage Systems, ABLE, Self-securing Storage
Pere Monclus
Technical Leader
Cisco Systems Inc.
Mr. Fred Oliveira
Sr. Technologist
Mr. Ric Wheeler
Centera Architecture

Ric Wheeler works in the Centera Architecture group at EMC and serves on EMC's CTO council as the default Linux/Open Source person. Prior to joining the Centera group, Ric worked in the Symmetrix group working on system level architecture and software.
Dr. Don Beaver

Research interests: Secure storage
Dr. Kimberly Keeton
Sr. Researcher
Hewlett Packard Labs

Dr. Keeton is a Senior Researcher in the Storage Systems Group at Hewlett-Packard Labs. Her research focuses on simplifying the design and management of enterprise storage systems. Kim leads the data dependability research program, which determines how to automatically design data storage systems to meet customers' dependability (e.g., reliability, availability and performance) goals. Kim received her PhD and MS in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley and her BS in Computer Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon. When she's not working, Kim enjoys singing with the Pacific Mozart Ensemble, a 60-voice choir.
Research interests:
Storage management, Workload characterization, Storage device modeling
Dr. Alistair Veitch
Research Manager
Hewlett Packard Labs
I work in the Storage Systems Department, part of the Internet Systems and Storage Laboratory at Hewlett-Packard Labs My research interests include the design, implementation and analysis of large computer systems, with particular interest in operating systems, distributed systems, file systems and storage systems.
Dr. John Wilkes
HP Fellow
Hewlett Packard Labs
Dr. Hirokazu Ikeda
Hitachi Ltd.
Yoshiki Kano
Hitachi America Ltd.
Mr. Manabu Kitamura
Senior Researcher
Hitachi Ltd.
I joined Hitachi Ltd. in 1994, and have been involved in research and development of enterprise-class disk array systems. My recent research areas are disaster-recovery system and storage security.
Research interests: Self-* Storage, PASIS
Dr. Richard Golding
IBM Almaden
Mr. Sandeep Gopisetty
Manager and Senior Technical Staff Member
IBM Almaden
Sandeep Gopisetty leads the Autonomic Storage Management Research at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA. He graduated with an MS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University in 1991 and joined Almaden Research Center and was part of the OS/2 Core Application Development Team.
Sandeep has been responsible for building the Intelligent Character Recognition System and providing an Application Program Interface for easy integration to various application processing utilities such as IRS Tax Forms, Blue Cross Health Forms, Census, etc. He has also recently been building Video Coding System for Postal Applications. Sandeep is also responsible for building CASA, a home entertainment solution for growing digital content. Sandeep is responsible for architecting the Tivoli SAN Manager and is currently working on Autonomic Storage Resource Manager for SAN and IP networks.
Sandeep has been recognized by Andy Monshaw, GM, Storage - IBM Systems & Technology Group, for Excellence in People Management Award. People Managers play a vital role in IBM; in delivering business results, as custodians of the values, as leaders and mentors to the people.
Research interests: Systems Management
Dr. Ohad Rodeh
IBM Haifa
I completed my Phd at the Hebrew University. My phd advisor was Danny Dolev, my secondary advisor was Ken Birman from Cornell. My subject was secure group communication. I worked at IBM research since graudating (2001) on storage systems, particularly object-disks.
Research interests: I think most topic at the PDL retreat should interest me.
Dr. Frank Schmuck
IBM Almaden
Frank Schmuck was born in Germany and first came to the United States in 1983 as an exchange student at the Penn State University, where he received a Masters degree in Computer Science. He went on to earn his Ph.D. from Cornell University working on the Isis project under Prof Ken Birman. In 1988 he joined IBM's Almaden Research Center where he has been involved in several projects in the areas of distributed systems, fault-tolerant computing, and cluster file systems. He is a principal architect of IBM's General Parallel File system (GPFS), a scalable, parallel cluster file system for high performance computing applications running on many of the largest supercomputers in the world.
Mr. Steve McGowan
Sr. Staff Architect
Dr. Steve Schlosser
Sr. Researcher
Intel Research Pgh.
Steve Schlosser works on improving the manageability of home storage systems and the performance of database storage systems. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2004 and moved all the way across the street to Intel Research Pittsburgh.
Mr. James Nunez
Los Alamos National Lab
File Systems and I/O Team Leader
Mr. Gary Grider
Group Leader
Los Alamos National Lab
Mr. Garth Goodson
Network Appliance
Member of Technical Staff
Steve Kleiman
Network Appliance
Steve Kleiman is currently Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Network Appliance where he led the design of NetApp's Direct Access File System, Clustered Failover, and SnapMirror architectures. He has been involved with the design and development of UNIX and workstation architecture since 1977; first at Bell Telephone Laboratories, where he helped develop the first x86 based UNIX product, and then at Sun Microsystems Inc. At Sun he was a Distinguished Engineer and chief architect of clustered UNIX system. Previously, as Chief Technologist for Sun's Interactive Services Group, he designed Sun's first video server product line. He was also the lead architect for multithreading and multiprocessing in Solaris and is a member of the POSIX Pthreads committee. He was the developer of the Vnodes file system interface and was a member of the original NFS development team at Sun. He was also the project leader of the original port of SunOS to SPARC. He received a n M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1978 and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from M.I.T in 1977. He is the author or co-author of 17 conference or journal papers, 29 patents, and 1 book.
Dr. Jiri Schindler
Network Appliance
Member of Research Staff
Mr. Brian Hirano
Consulting Member of Technical Staff
Mr. William Waddington
Mr. Jeff Butler
Manager, Software Engineering
Jeff has been working with Object-Based Storage Systems for nearly 10 years. He currently manages the File System Client team at Panasas that implements and supports a native Linux filesystem that allows high-performance and scalable access to storage (aka DirectFlow). Jeff implemented many of the communication subsystems for the PanFS file system including RPC and iSCSI. Prior to Panasas, Jeff was a PDL graduate student that contributed to the Network Attached Secure Disk (NASD) project. Jeff holds a Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.
Research interests: pNFS, Self-* Storage
Dr. Brent Welch
Director, Software Architecture
Brent Welch is Director of Software Architecture at Panasas. Panasas has developed a scalable, high-performance, object-based distributed file system that is used in a variety of HPC environments, including many of the Top500 super computers. He has worked at Xerox-PARC and Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Brent has experience building software systems from the device driver level up through network servers, user applications, and graphical user interfaces. While getting his PhD at UC Berkeley, he designed and built the Sprite distributed file system. Brent is the creator of the TclHttpd web server, the exmh email user interface, and the author of Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk. Brent participates in the NFSv4 working group, and is co-author of the pNFS internet drafts that specify parallel I/O extensions for NFSv4.
Mr. Dave Anderson
Director, Strategic Planning
Dave Anderson is Director of Strategic Planning for Seagate and has over 20 years experience in the computer field. For the last several years he has been involved in developing the opportunities for hard drives to contribute to system security.
His responsibilities have included overall interface strategy for all disc interfaces. Dave was involved in the architecture and planning of Fibre Channel during its first proposal as a disc interface. He was one of the principal architects of the disc XOR commands that are now a part of the standard SCSI interface specification and was the author and original editor of the Object based Storage Device proposal that recently became a SCSI standard. Dave was one of the original nine elected members of the SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) Technical Council. He was also one of the founding members of the Serial Attached SCSI working group, which defined this new interface. He has been awarded 5 patents related to disc storage.
Dave is a member of ACM and the IEEE Computer Society.
Research interests: intelligence in storage, data security
Mr. Dave Aune
Research Director
Dave Aune is responsbile for intelligent storage systems research and will tell you more about it in his presentation. He brings over 28 years of experience in medium and large companies in the storage industry. Prior to joining Seagate Research last Fall, his prior experience includes:
- Managing research and development activities at XIOtech, a privately held storage systems company.
- Leading value-add technical strategy, product and technology development in Seagate's Advanced System Concepts to help the company expand into new markets.
- Technical, management and executive positions with Western Digital, Micropolis and IBM in disc drive and storage systems development organizations
Dave holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from Ohio Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science in Management of Technology from the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Dr. Erik Riedel
Department Head
Mr. Rick Bauer
Technology Director
Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)
Since January of 2005, Rick has been the Technology Director of the Storage Networking Industry Association, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, directing global IT operations for this 400-company, 7000-member trade association. He has created and managed gifts-in-kind program, resulting in over $4 million in corporate contributions in first year of program. He coordinated standards development work with ISO, ANSI, INCIITS, NIST and is the spokesperson for industry on security/storage-related issues. Among other advanced degrees, he has a Master of Science in Engineering, EMTM Program, from The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 2002.
Research interests: storage security
Mr. Ankur Kemkar
Advisory Engineer
I have been working with VERITAS, now Symantec for more than 10 years. I like to meet people in the industry and make friends.
Research interests: OSD, and all aspects of Self-* projects
Mr. Darren Shou
Senior Manager of University Research