13th Annual Workshop & Retreat
October 17 - 19, 2005



Mr. Bob Wolfgang - APC
R&D Engineer
Robert Wolfgang is a Senior R&D Applications Engineer for APC. He is currently responsible for providing data center consulting and analysis for clients physical layouts in CAD, according to NEC and design best practices. As an Electrical Generating Society Association trained member of APC's Availability Science team, his focus was compiling "best practices" for many of the subsystems in the areas of Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure. Bob holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has 15 years at APC in variety of positions of QA, Technical Support management, and Availability Science.
Research interests: Leveraging Infrastucture usage data to manage utility and operations cost.
Mr. Dinesh G Dutt
Cisco Systems Inc.
Technical Leader
I've been with Cisco for the past 8 years working in software product development and then architecture of Cisco's enterprise class of switches, chiefly Cat6K and the new Fibre channel family of switches, MDS 9000. Before this, I've worked on X terminal software, developing X extensions and on embedded OSes.
Research interests:
Self-* Storage Systems, ABLE, Self-securing Storage

Dr. Jiri Schindler - EMC

Mr. Ric Wheeler - EMC
I am a platform architect in EMC's Centera group and EMC's technical lead for Open Source and Linux issues. I serve as EMC's representative on OSDL's Data Center Linux technical board and am a member of EMC's CTO Council.
Paul Koning - EqualLogic, Inc.
CTO and Founder

Paul Koning has in-depth experience in the fields of networking and security. As an Architect at Xedia Corporation, Mr. Koning was responsible for ATM-based access networks, IP security, cryptography, and VPNs—all leading and distinguishing capabilities in Xedia's product line. Mr. Koning also led the design of ATM functionality for Chipcom's product line. At Digital Equipment Corporation, Mr. Koning held several senior management positions in network and system architecture groups and was instrumental in the development of FDDI and one of the first gigabit switches. He also served as Chair of the ATM Forum PNNI working group and holds 17 patents with several more pending.
Research interests: Storage load balancing, space balancing
Dr. Kimberly Keeton
Hewlett Packard Labs

Dr. Keeton is a Senior Researcher in the Storage Systems Group at Hewlett-Packard Labs. Her research focuses on simplifying the design and management of enterprise storage systems. Kim leads the data dependability research program, which determines how to automatically design data storage systems to meet customers' dependability (e.g., reliability, availability and performance) goals. Kim received her PhD and MS in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley and her BS in Computer Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon. When she's not working, Kim enjoys singing with the Pacific Mozart Ensemble, a 50-voice choir. In Fall 2005, the ensemble will travel to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall as a part of the Meredith Monk Melebration.
Research interests: pretty much all of it, but especially self-* storage management, context-aware file search, application-aware disk layout, workload characterization, and workflow dependability analysis
Mr. Alistair Veitch
Hewlett Packard Labs
I work in the Storage Systems Department, part of the Internet Systems and Storage Laboratory at Hewlett-Packard Labs My research interests include the design, implementation and analysis of large computer systems, with particular interest in operating systems, distributed systems, file systems and storage systems.
Dr. John Wilkes
Hewlett Packard Labs
HP Fellow
Ms. Naoko Iwami
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Director & Lab Manager
Mr. Naoto Matsunami
Hitachi, Ltd.
Senior Researcher

Dr. Yasuyuki Mimatsu
Hitachi America, Ltd.

Dr. Roger Haskin - IBM
Dr. Dilip Kandlur - IBM
Director, CS Storage
Dr. Theodore Wong - IBM
Research Staff Member

I joined IBM Research after completing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I'm currently developing algorithms for automatic resource management in brick-based storage systems, as part of the Collective Intelligent Bricks project.
Research interests: Self-* automated storage system management and related projects.
Dr. Richard Golding -
IBM Almaden
Mr. Will Akin - Intel
Principal Storage Architect

As a Principal Storage Architect within the Digital Enterprise Group, Will Akin is responsible for the platform requirements, technical requirements analysis, the scrutiny of the detail chip, Software/driver and CRB requirements and the integration of emerging storage trends for all storage technologies. Will joined Intel from Maxtor Corporation in 2003. While at Maxtor, Will served as the Director of Advanced Technology Development for the Network Systems Group. Will was responsible for leading the investigation of new technologies and strategic directions along with the product development engineering organization for the company’s MaxAttach™ family of network attached storage devices and RAID storage arrays. He was responsible for all the systems, hardware and firmware engineering product development and the division’s product technology roadmaps. During his 12-year tenure at Maxtor and Quantum HDD (which merged with Maxtor in April 2001), Will served in multiple senior engineering roles, including managing Advanced Product Engineering for hard disk drives, firmware, simulation and ASIC/Analog silicon developments with personal contributions on many silicon controller (SoC) programs. Will earned a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from San Jose State University and holds 8 Patents in the Storage Technology field.
Mr. John Baudrexl - Intel
Storage Platform Architect

Nine years at Intel include stints in server, comms, and storage platform architecture. Current responsibilities include defining storage platform requirements, identifying technical gaps, spinning up new technology development, and evaluating alternatives. Prior to Intel, had 14 years of various software and firmware development responsibilities in enterprise storage subsystem and disk drive industries. BS in Computer Science from University of Missouri/Rolla 1982.
Research interests: Low-level disk efficiencies, scale-out distributed storage control, application awareness.
Dr. Limor Fix
Intel Research Pittsburgh
Associate Director
Limor is the Associate Director of Intel Research Laboratory in Carnegie Mellon University. Limor is an Intel Principal Engineer and she has a PhD in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel. After graduation, Limor conducted post-doc research in Cornell university and then she joined Intel in Israel. In the past 10 years Limor has lead a major change in Intels validation methodology. She developed innovative formal verification tools and methodology that have been widely adopted by Intels design teams. Limor has published more than 25 papers, she was invited to more than 15 technical program committees of leading international conferences. In the last three years Limor in on the executive committee of DAC.
Dr. Steve Schlosser - Intel Pgh.
Research Scientist
Mr. John MacCormick
Microsoft Research
Dr. Mark Manasse
Microsoft Research
Senior Researcher
Dr. Peter Corbett
Network Appliance
Technical Director
Craig Everhart
Network Appliance
Craig Everhart worked on both DCE/DFS and SAN.FS at IBM and Transarc after receiving his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon and building a multi-media message and email system for the Andrew project. He now works for Network Appliance in their Advanced Development group.
Mr. Shankar Pasupathy
Network Appliance
Technical Staff Member
I did a double major - math and CS from BITS, India. Then spent three years in the PhD program at Wisconsin-Madison but left with an MS in 1999. I spent two years working at Sun on clustering technology and three years at Sun Labs on a new storage system called Honeycomb. For the last seven months I've been at Netapp in the advanced development group where I work on figuring out how best to integrate search and storage.
Research interests: Craig Soules' work on file search.
Ms. Sue Lee - Oracle Corp.
Senior Development Manager
Joined Oracle in 2003 as a Senior Development Manager for the Virtual Operating System group in the Systems Technology database division.
Mr. Rich Long - Oracle Corp.
Senior Development Manager
I lead the development team for Automatic Storage Management in the Oracle Database. I have been at Oracle for over 11 years.
Mr. Garth Gibson - Panasas
Founder & CTO

Steve Moyer - Panasas
Director of Software Engineering
Mr. Pat Pagano - Panasas
Software Manager
Mr. Edward Hogan - Panasas
Software Engineer
BS in Computer Science from Univ. of Maryland. BA in Art Studio from Univ. of Maryland. MS in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon. Presented at the PDL Retreat in 1999. Software Engineer at Panasas since 2000.
Research interests:
file systems, object based storage, performance
Dr. Erik Riedel - Seagate
Department Head
Dr. Satish Rege - Seagate
Alma Riska - Seagate
Research Staff Member
Alma Riska is currently a Research Staff Member at Seagate Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her PhD in computer Science from College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, in 2002 and her Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Tirana, Albania, in 1996. Her research interests are on performance evaluation of storage systems, with emphasis on applying analytic techniques and detailed workload characterization in adaptive systems. She is a member of IEEE and ACM.
Mr. Dan Ellard
Sun Microsystems
Technical Staff Member

Daniel Ellard is a researcher at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, where he works on issues related to extremely large-scale and long-lived federated and distributed data storage systems. Daniel received a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard University in 2004. His thesis research concerned trace-based workload analyses for NFS servers and optimizations based on those analyses. From 1986 until 1996 Daniel worked for BBN Systems and Technologies, where he performed research and development in the area of parallel and distributed systems, logistics, and speech recognition as well as software engineering to support the implementation and deployment of systems based on this research. Daniel is also interested in education and educational research. He has taught and helped develop several courses at Harvard, has been awarded two certificates for distinction in teaching, served as a Harvard Tutor (an appointed officer of the university, responsible for advising and mentoring undergraduates), and served as a consultant at the Derek Bok Center for teaching and Learning. Daniel was also the leader of the project that invented and developed the Ant-8 and Ant-32 microprocessor architectures, which have been used by several leading colleges and universities as a vehicle to teach machine architecture.
Ms. Nisha Talagala
Sun Microsystems
Raymie Stata
At Yahoo!, I'm Chief Architect for the Search and Marketplace division, where I'm responsible for fostering the long-term, architectural growth of our products. Prior to joining Yahoo!, I was founder and CEO of Stata Labs, creator of the Bloomba, a search-based email client. I've also been Assistant Professor at UC Santa Cruz and member of the research staff at Digital Equipment's System Research Center, teaching and doing research in software engineering, security, storage, program checking, and Web search.
Research interests: We run data mining, data fusion, machine learning, computational linguistics, and other such algorithms our multi-terabyte corpuses. Some of this data is highly structured (click streams), some semi-structured (partner feeds), and much unstructured (Web pages). Any research that can help with these problems is very much of interest.