13th Annual Workshop & Retreat
October 17 - 19, 2005



MONDAY, OCTOBER 17: CMU/Nemacolin Woodlands


Greg Ganger - Welcome & PDL Overview

Session I: Predicting and Predictability

Mike Mesnier - Relative Fitness Models for Storage
Matthew Wachs - Performance Insulation and Predictability

Session II: Database Storage and Scientific Applications

Minglong Shao - MultiMap: Preserving Disk Locality for Multidimensional Datasets
Stratos Papadomanolakis - Efficient Query Processing for Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes
Julio Lopez - WaveDB: A Computational Database Systems for Operating on Massive Wavefield

Session III: Short Talks on Works-in-Progress

Terrence Wong: Comparison-based Server Verification and the NFSv4 Tee
Adam Pennington: Using Self-Securing Devices for Better Intrusion Detection
Andy Klosterman: Bulk Operations for Storage Management in Object-based Storage Clusters
Jimeng Sun: Streaming Pattern Discovery in Multiple Time-series

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18: Nemacolin Woodlands

Session IV: Tracking Performance and Metadata

Eno Thereska - A Framework for Informed Tuning in a Self-managing System
Shafeeq Sinnamohideen - Scalability and Recoverability Ideas for Metadata Services

Session V: Working with Lots of Objects

Raja Sambasivan - Preserving Filesystem Namespace Locality in Object-based Storage
James Hendricks - Scalable Access Control in Object-Based Storage

Session VI: Optimism and Versatility

Mike Abd-El-Malek - Lazy verification in fault-tolerant distributed storage
John Strunk - Ursa Minor: Versatile Cluster-based Storage

Session VII: Short Talks on Works-in-Progress

Brandon Salmon: Selecting Data Encoding In Cluster-based Storage
Bianca Schroeder: Characterization of Failures in Computer Systems
John Strunk: Using Data Center Topology for Estimating Storage Availability
Priya Narasimhan: Distributed Replication: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19: Nemacolin Woodlands

Session VII: Tracking What's Out There

David Andersen - Data-Oriented Transfer
Andrew Myers - The 4D Architecture for Network Management and Control

Session VIII: Towards Better Communications

Alina Oprea - Space-efficient Block Storage Integrity
Craig Soules - Enhancing File Search With Context


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