12th Annual Workshop & Retreat
September 27 - 29, 2004


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27: CMU/Nemacolin Woodlands


Greg Ganger - Welcome & PDL Overview
Prof. Dave O'Hallaron - Computational Database Systems

Session I: Data and Metadata in Self-* Storage

Jay Wylie - Versatile Survivable Storage Systems: The PASIS Protocol Family Approach
Andy Klosterman - The Client/Metadata Interface of Ursa Major

Session II: Self-* Storage Optimization

John Strunk - Tuning Tradeoffs in Self-* Storage
Mengzhi Wang - Inducing Broad Training Coverage for Black-Box Storage Device Models
Brandon Salmon - Challenges in Building a Two-tiered Architecture for Disk Layout

Session III: Short Talks on Works-in-Progress

Mike Mesnier - Modeling the Relative Performance of Self-* Storage Bricks
Eno Thereska - Towards Self-Monitoring Systems
Michael Abd-El-Malek - Garbage Collection for the PASIS Read/Write Protocol
Jim Newsome - Automatic Detection and Signature Generation of Software Exploits
James Hendricks - Access Control in Self-* Storage
Raja Sambasivan - Cuckoo: Replication Policies & Load Shedding Algorithms

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28: Nemacolin Woodlands

Session IV: Database Storage Management

Stavros Harizopoulos - STEPS Towards Cache-Resident Transaction Processing
Shimin Chen - Improving Hash Join Performance Through Prefetching
Minglong Shao - Fates Database Storage Architecture

Session V: Watching While Storing

Terrence Wong - Comparison-based Filesystem Verification (The NFS Tee)
Adam Pennington - Intrusion Detection on Disk

Session VI: Three Talks In The Afternoon

Craig Soules - Improving File Search Using Context Information
Julio López - Etree - A Database Structure for Manipulating Massive Octree Datasets
Michael Abd-El-Malek - A Protocol For a Decentralized, Scalable, Fault-Tolerant Metadata Service

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29: Nemacolin Woodlands

Session VII: On Applying Control

Bianca Schroeder - QoS for Databases
Cindy Wong - The Coral Project - Defending Against Viruses and Worms on the Internet

Session VIII: On Routing Requests

Niraj Tolia - Integrating Portable and Distributed Storage
Chris Lumb - D-SPTF: Decentralized Request Distribution