7th Annual Workshop & Retreat
November 8 - 10, 1999


Monday, November 8

Carnegie Mellon

Welcome: David Nagle
Demos and Poster Session

Nemacolin Woodlands

SESSION I: Active Systems
Erik Riedel
Active Disks
David Petrou
Abacus: Adaptive Function Migration in an Active Storage System
Khalil Amiri
Automatic Placement in Abacus

SESSION II: Networking
Chris Sabol
Effective Gigabit Storage Networking
Garth Goodson
Flexible, Portable, Efficient Application-Level Networking
Andy Myers
Publisher-Centric Replication on the WWW
Mor Harchol-Balter
Connection Scheduling in Web Servers

Panel Session
What are the major research issues in NAS?

Reception/Poster Session

Tuesday, November 9

Nemacolin Woodlands

SESSION III: Storage Session One
Greg Ganger
Storage Research Directions
John Strunk
Self Securing Storage Systems
Jiri Schindler
Automated Disk Drive Characterization

Rick Carley
Highly Integrated Information Processing and Storage Systems?
Steve Schlosser
Designing Systems with MEMS-Based Storage

SESSION V: Work in Progress
Intelligent Network Management - Charles Hardin
Low Start-Up Latency for the NASD Video Server - Stavros Harizopoulos
Semantic Issues in Multiprotocol Network File Systems - Edward Hogan

SESSION VI: Prefetching
Todd Mowry
Memory Forwarding: Enabling Aggressive Layout Optimizations by Guaranteeing the Safety of Data Relocation
Fay Chang
Automatic I/O Hint Generation through Speculative Execution

Wednesday, November 10

Nemacolin Woodlands

SESSION VII: Storage Session Two
Garth Gibson
NASD Technology Transfer: Report on the OBSD Standards Effort
Jim Zelenka
The EDRFS File System for NASD
David Nagle
NASD Security Performance
Seth Goldstein
PipeRench: Architectures, Compilers, and Cryptography