8th Annual Spring Visit Day
May 19, 2006



    Welcome and PDL Overview / DCO/Self-* Overview
    , Greg Ganger

    Overview of New PDL HPC Directions, Garth Gibson

    Poster Session and Demos

    PDL Database Systems Research Overview, Anastassia Ailamaki

    PDL Reliability Research Overview, Priya Narasimhan

    Poster Session and Demos

    Wrap-up and Dinner


    Director, Parallel Data Lab
    VOICE: (412) 268-1297
    FAX: (412) 268-3010

    PDL Business Administrator
    VOICE: (412) 268-6716
    FAX: (412) 268-3010


Jiri Schindler, EMC Corporation
John Wilkes, HP Labs
Jay Wylie, HP Labs
Akira Fujibayashi, Hitachi, Ltd.
Yasunori Kaneda, Hitachi America, Ltd.
Richard Golding, IBM
Kaladhar Voruganti, IBM
Theodore Wong, IBM
Carl Dellar, Intel Corporation
Limor Fix, Intel Research Pgh
Phil Gibbons, Intel Research Pgh
Bernie Keany, Intel Corporation
Michael Kozuch, Intel Research Pgh
Steve McGowan, Intel Corporation
Steve Schlosser, Intel Research Pgh
Dennis Kelly, J.D. McSteen (APC Rep.)
Rama Ramasubramanian, Microsoft Research
Ron Bianchini, Network Appliance
Tony Knaus, Network Appliance
Kumar Rajamani, Oracle Corporation
Jeff Butler, Panasas, Inc.
Rodney Fu, Panasas, Inc.
Alma Riska, Seagate Technology
Dan Cassiday, Sun Microsystems
Ankur Kemkar, Symantec Corporation
Paul Massiglia, Symantec Corporation
Darren Shou, Symantec Corporation