5th Annual Spring Visit Day
April 28, 2003


    Welcome and PDL Overview
    , Greg Ganger

    Database Systems Overview, Natassa Ailamaki

    Poster Session and Demos

    Self-* Storage, Greg Ganger

    Storage Security Overview, Chenxi Wang

    Poster Session and Demos


    Parallel Data Lab Director
    VOICE: (412) 268-1297
    FAX: (412) 268-3010

    PDL Business Administrator
    VOICE: (412) 268-6716
    FAX: (412) 268-3010

    PDL Webpage: http://www.pdl.cmu.edu/


Dr. Don Beaver, Seagate Technology
Mr. Mark Carlson, Sun Microsystems
Mr. Jeff Einarson, Intel Corporation
Dr. Garth Gibson, Panasas, Inc.
Dr. Richard Golding, IBM
Mr. Pawan Goyal, IBM
Mr. Craig Harmer, Veritas
Mr. Casey Helfrich, Intel Corporation
Dr. John Howard, Sun Microsystems
Dr. Sami Iren, Seagate Technology
Mr. Yoshiki Kano, Hitachi, Ltd.
Dr. Michael Kozuch, Intel Corporation
Dr. Mark Kryder, Seagate Technology
Mr. Andrew Lim, Seagate Technology
Ms. Alma Riska, Seagate Technology
Mr. Paul Massiglia, Veritas
Dr. Erik Riedel, Seagate Technology
Dr. John Wilkes, HP Labs
Mr. Kenji Yamagami, Hitachi, Ltd.