11th Annual Workshop & Retreat
October 13 - 15, 2003


MONDAY, OCTOBER 13: CMU/Nemacolin Woodlands


Greg Ganger - Welcome & PDL Overview
C3S Kick-Off and Overview
Posters & Open Discussion

Session I: Self-* Storage

John Strunk - Self-* Storage Systems: Automatic Tuning
Andy Klosterman - Self-* Storage Systems: Metadata for a Moving Target
Mengzhi Wang - Storage System Performance Prediction with CART Models

Session II: Decentralized Storage Protocols

Garth Goodson - Efficient, Flexible Consistency for Highly Fault-tolerant Storage
Chris Lumb - D-SPTF: Decentralized Request Distribution for Storage Bricks
Niraj Tolia - Recipe-based File Systems

Session III: Short Talks on Works-in-Progress and New Research Directions

Shuheng Zhou - Location-based Node IDs: Enabling Explicit Locality in DHTs
Chris Long - Usable Role-Based Access Control for the Masses
Ginger Perng - Reach: A Scalable Information Dissemination Infrastructure
Jay Wylie - Evaluating Survivable Storage Systems
John L. Griffin - Timing-accurate Storage Emulation: Pushing the Boundaries
Arvind Seshadri - External Detection of Malicious Code (Malware) in Embedded Devices

Poster Session

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14: Nemacolin Woodlands

Session IV: Fates-based Database Storage Management

Jiri Schindler - The Fates Database Storage Project
Minglong Shao - Clotho: Decoupling Data Storage From In-Memory Page Layout in Database Systems

Session V: Database Systems, continued

Steve Schlosser - Atropos: A Disk Array Logical Volume Manager for Orchestrated use of Disks
Stratos Papadomanolakis - AutoPart: Automating Schema Design for Scientific Databases through Data Partitioning

Session VI: Towards Smarter Storage

Mike Mesnier - Attribute-based Learning Environments for File Systems and Storage
Adam Pennington - Storage-based Intrusion Detection
Amit Manjhi - Scalable Delivery of Dynamic Content

Poster Session

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15: Nemacolin Woodlands

Session VII: Programming Frameworks

Vlad Shkapenyuk - Staged Database Systems
Eno Thereska - A Framework for Implementing Background Storage Applications

Session VIII: Deciding on Data Placement

Brandon Salmon - A Two-tiered Learning Architecture for Automated Tuning of Disk Layouts
Jim Newsome - GEM: Graph EMbedding for Routing and Data-Centric Storage in Sensor Networks


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