3rd Annual Spring Visit Day
May 8 - 9, 2001



Tuesday, May 8: PDL Open House

Greg Ganger: PDL Overview 2001

Poster Session

John Strunk: Self Securing Storage:Protecting Data in Compromised Systems
Jay Wylie: Selecting the Right Data Distribution Scheme For a Survivable Storage System

Jiri Schindler: Track-based Extents: Matching Disk Access Patterns to Disk Characteristics
Anastassia Ailamaki: Architecture Concious Database Systems

Poster Session


David Nagle: MEMS-Based Storage Systems

Wednesday, May 9: CHIPS Open House


PDL Business Administrator
VOICE: (412)268-6716
FAX: (412)268-3010

Parallel Data Lab Director
VOICE: (412) 268-1297
FAX: (412)268-3010


David Black, EMC Corporation
Herb Blomquist, Seagate Technology
David Elko, IBM Corporation
Jane Hamel, EMC Corporation
Mark Kryder, Seagate Technology
David Landis, Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse
Paul Massiglia, Veritas Software Corporation
Charles Morehouse, Hewlett-Packard Labs
Steve Morley, EMC Corporation
Dror Sarid, EMC Corporation
Simon Towers, Hewlett-Packard Labs
Joe Wetzel, IBM Corporation
Richard Wheeler, EMC Corporation