8th Annual Workshop & Retreat
November 6 - 8, 2000


Monday, November 6: Carnegie Mellon

David Nagle: Welcome
Jim Morris: CMU's West Coast Campus
Peter Steenkiste: Invisible Ubiquitous Computing in Aura
Poster Session and Discussion

Nemacolin Woodlands

SESSION I: Storage Security

Jay Wylie
PASIS: Survivable Storage Systems
John Strunk
Self Securing Storage
Craig Soules
Efficient Versioning in Self Securing Storage

SESSION II: Security and Networking

David Friedman
Building Scalable Firewalls
Srinivasan Seshan
Mobile Networking

Reception and Poster Session

Tuesday, November 7: Nemacolin Woodlands

SESSION III: Disk Systems

Jiri Schindler
Characterizing Drives for Higher I/O Performance
Chris Lumb
Free Bandwidth from Busy Disks
Ted Wong
Exclusive Disk Caching

SESSION IV: Storage Networking

Nitin Parab
Nikhil Bansal
Implementation of SRPT Scheduling in Web Servers

Panel Session/Poster Session

Wednesday, November 10: Nemacolin Woodlands

SESSION V: MEMS-based Storage Technology

Art Davidson
MEMS-Actuated Magnetic-Probe-Based Mass Storage
Rick Carley
MEMS for the Masses

SESSION VI: MEMS-based Storage Systems

John Griffin
Modeling of MEMS-Based Storage
Steve Schlosser
Using MEMS in Computer Systems
Seth Goldstein
Building Systems With Nanotechnology
Greg Ganger
On Courses, Conferences, Currencies, and the Cutest Baby EVER


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