Managing Distributed Intrusion Detection

Many organizations use intrusion detection systems (IDSs) to protect themselves against threats such as viruses and attacks. We are developing new self-securing devices (e.g., self-securing storage and NIC-based firewalls), to provide increased security by creating separate, smaller security domains. However, this distribution of security raises significant administrative challenges.

In this project, we are developing Castellan, a software tool for managing distributed intrusion detection systems. Castellan will support network administrators in:

  • Configuration - Setting appropriate policies on different self-securing devices.
  • Detection - Notification of security alerts.
  • Diagnosis - Investigating alerts to determine what action to take (if any).
  • Recovery - Using the logging and other enhanced features of self-securing devices to recover from intrusions.

We are currently in the design stages of Castellan and are talking with network administrators about their needs for managing distributed intrusion detection. A sketch of the Castellan interface follows.



Greg Ganger


Ernest Chan


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