NASD Video Server

High-performance storage systems and networks have spawned a number of new applications in recent years. Among these is the storage and retrieval of digital video. Digital video puts several new demands on the storage system and network, including:

  • Larger storage capacity requirements (a 1.5Mbps MPEG-1 encoded video requires approximately 500MB for a 60-minute clip)
  • Larger network bandwidth requirements (a VHS-quality video clip requires 1.5Mbps to 8Mbps)
  • Guaranteed access to storage and network resources over a long period of time
  • Low latency for interactive requests
  • Tighter service timing, to provide a near-constant-bitrate stream
We built a digital video server with a focus on several research goals:
  • Embedded execution in a NASD drive
  • Low startup latency, especially when serving short clips
  • Compatibility with the Informedia project's database and search software


We thank the members and companies of the PDL Consortium: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hitachi Ltd., Intel Corporation, IBM, Microsoft Research, NetApp, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Pure Storage, Salesforce, Samsung Semiconductor Inc., Seagate Technology, Two Sigma, and Western Digital for their interest, insights, feedback, and support.