PDL Abstract

Verifiable Secret Redistribution for Archive Systems

Appears in the Proceedings of the First International IEEE Security in Storage Workshop, December 2002.

Theodore M. Wong, Chenxi Wang*, Jeannette M. Wing

School of Computer Science
Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering*
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

We present a new verifiable secret redistribution protocol for threshold sharing schemes that forms a key component of a proposed archival storage system. Our protocol supports redistribution from (m,n) to (m0,n0) threshold sharing schemes without requiring reconstruction of the original data. The design is motivated by archive systems for which the added security of threshold sharing of data must be accompanied by the flexibility of dynamic shareholder changes. Our protocol enables the dynamic addition or removal of shareholders, and also guards against mobile adversaries. We observe that existing protocols either cannot be extended readily to allow redistribution between different access structures, or have vulnerabilities that allow faulty old shareholders to distribute invalid shares to new shareholders. Our primary contribution is that in our protocol, new shareholders can verify the validity of their shares after redistribution between different access structures.