PDL Abstract

Challenges and Solutions for Fast Remote Persistent Memory Access

SoCC ’20, October 19–21, 2020, Virtual Event, USA. BEST PAPER AWARD!

Anuj Kalia, David Andersen*, Michael Kaminsky^*

Microsoft Research
* Carnegie Mellon University
^ BrdgAI

Non-volatile main memory DIMMs (NVMMs), such as Intel’s Optane DC Persistent Memory modules, provide data durability with orders of magnitude higher performance than prior durable technologies. This paper explores the unique challenges that arise when building high-performance networked systems for NVMM. Compared to DRAM, we find that NVMMs have distinctive fundamental properties that pose unique challenges for networked access to NVMM, both from the NIC and the CPU. We show that much of the challenges in efficient access to remote NVMM arises from the fact that CPU caches are not optimized for NVMM. To address these challenges, we propose a menu of solutions for current hardware and evaluate their benefits.

FULL PAPER: pdf / talk video