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Information Technology - SCSI Object Based Storage Device Commands (OSD)

T10 - Working draft NCITS TBD-200X Project 1355D, Revision 3, 1 October, 2000.

T10 Technical Editor: Gene Milligan
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This SCSI command set is designed to provide efficient peer-to-peer operation of input/output logical units by an operating system using Object Based Storage commands. Objects designate entities in which computer systems store data. The purpose of the OSD abstraction is to assign to the storage device the responsibility for managing where data is located on the device.

Revision 3 Includes:

  • Markups from 9/14/2000 T10 working group.
  • T10/00-330r0
  • General edits from 5.3 to the end of the draft.
  • Added acronyms per working group request.
  • Added hierarchy diagram to conventions and model per working group request.