PDL Abstract

vQuery: A Platform for Connecting Configuration and Performance

vwWare Labs Technical Report, Palo Alto, CA. December 2012.

Ilari Shafer, Snorri Gylfason, Gregory R. Ganger

* vmWare

Discovering the causes of performance problems in virtualized systems is often more difficult than without virtualization, because they can be caused by changes in infrastructure configuration rather than the user's application. vQuery is a system that collects, archives, and exposes configuration changes alongside fine-grained performance data, so the two can be correlated. It gathers configuration change data without modifying the systems it collects from and copes with platform-specific details within a general, graph-based model of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) infrastructures. Configuration data collected from two VMware® vSphereTM environments reveals that configuration changes are frequent and involved, opening interesting new directions for configuration-aware performance diagnosis techniques.