PDL Abstract

Cloudlets: at the Leading Edge of Mobile-Cloud Convergence

Proceedings of MobiCASE 2014: Sixth International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services, Austin, TX, November 2014.

Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Zhuo Chen, Kiryong Ha, Wenlu Hu, Wolfgang Richter, Padmanabhan Pillai*

Carnegie Mellon University
* Intel Pittsburgh

Applications and Services, Austin, TX, November 2014. As mobile computing and cloud computing converge, the sensing and interaction capabilities of mobile devices can be seamlessly fused with compute-intensive and data-intensive processing in the cloud. Cloudlets are important architectural components in this convergence, representing the middle tier of a mobile device — cloudlet — cloud hierarchy. We show how cloudlets enable a new genre of applications called cognitive assistance applications that augment human perception and cognition. We describe a plug-and-play architecture for cognitive assistance, and a proof of concept using Google Glass.