PDL Abstract

A Cloud Computing Course: From Systems To Services

Proceedings of the 46th ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education Conference (SIGCSE 2015), Kansas City, USA, March 2015.

M. Suhail Rehman, Jason Boles*, Mohammad Hammoud*, Majd F. Sakr

Carnegie Mellon University
* Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar


We have designed, developed and administered a course on cloud computing that was taught to over 700 students at our institution over two years. The goal of this project-based course is to provide students with foundational systems concepts as well as experience in developing the required skills to design and deploy viable, robust and elastic web-services within performance and budgetary constraints. We present our objectives, learning outcomes, projects, learning model, outcomes and lessons learned. So far, for this demanding course, our student retention rate is above 80% and enrollment is doubling every year.