Industry Job Opportunity

Oracle - Software developer Virtual Operating System (VOS) Group

Position Type: Full-time
Location: Redwood Shores, CA

Job Description

Achieving high performance on a broad variety of platforms and exploiting new technologies are important to maintaining Oracle’s current and future leadership position in the database market. The Virtual Operating System (VOS) group provides a portable and high-performance platform for the Oracle Database. We build modules that provide process/thread management and scheduling, memory management, synchronization support, CPU and I/O resource management, intercluster and interprocess communication, high-performance file I/O, and more.

We ensure that the Oracle database is a market leader on all platforms, from clustered Linux blade servers to the largest SMP servers. Our evaluations of bleeding edge network technologies such as Infiniband, Software Defined Networking, RoCE often lead to enhancements that improve Oracle database performance and scalability. We define new abstractions and interfaces on network specific APIs such as RDMA and OFED Verbs to allow database kernel to exploit the high performance low overhead capabilities of these networks in a seamless manner.

We are looking for generalists who like to take on lots of different challenges. If designing large-scale distributed computing, storage and data management systems used in production appeals to you then you will feel right at home. We continuously collaborate with hardware/OS/network vendors to understand and influence their roadmaps to enable key data transfer technologies and paradigms that are critical for database performance and functionality. Moving data efficiently and seamlessly is the lifeblood of a database and we are the secret sauce that enables it!

Responsibilities for a developer in the VOS area include interfacing with other database developers to gather requirements for improving the database kernel, designing and developing interfaces to introduce new functionality or improve performance, collaborating with OS/hardware vendors and the performance group on high-profile benchmarks, and providing systems expertise to the database division.

We seek strong analytical and problem-solving skills, coursework in operating systems computer architecture and/or networking, and proficiency in C or C++. If you enjoy solving complex problems and learning about new technologies, talk to us!

Education Level

Ideal for MS or Ph.D students graduating in CY 2021

How to Apply

Please contact Sumanta Chatterjee with your CV.