Industry Job Opportunity

Oracle - Software developer

Position Type: Full-time
Location: Redwood Shores, CA

Job Description

Cloud environments, including Oracle’s Autonomous Database Cloud Services and Exadata Cloud at Customer, require resource management for large numbers of databases. These database clouds may serve highly-critical OLTP applications, resource-intensive data warehouses, and lower-priority development and test systems. The Database Resource Manager provides end-to-end management of resources, including CPU, memory, I/Os, and connections. On Exadata systems, it also manages the space and I/O for persistent memory, flash, and disk. With Database Resource Manager, cloud administrators can guarantee resources for each database and control usage of excess, idle resources.

For future releases, cloud environments need easier and more flexible resource management. For clouds containing 100s or 1000s of database, Resource Management should be automatically configured with just one or two inputs from the end-user. This automatic configuration should work with both RAC and multi-tenant databases and support both failover and failback scenarios. In order to allow ultra-critical OLTP databases to operate alongside un-tuned data warehouses, Resource Manager must support CPU affinity, dynamic memory reallocations, Exadata cell-side CPU management, protection from connection storms, and more.

We are hiring developers that can convert ideas to solutions and enable successful cloud environments with easy and flexible Resource Management. Besides software development, responsibilities include benchmarking workload scenarios, publishing best practice papers for customer use, and interacting with hardware and software vendors to address platform or vendor-specific challenges and roadmaps. We seek strong analytical and problem-solving skills, operating system and storage system fundamentals, performance evaluation and tuning skills, and fluency in C or C++.

Education Level

MS or PhD

How to Apply

Please contact Sue Lee and Sumanta Chatterjee with your CV.