Industry Job Opportunity

Oracle: Systems Developer - Enterprise Databases

Position Type: Full-time
Location: Redwood Shores, CA

Employer Description

Innovation starts with inclusion at Oracle. We are committed to creating a workplace where all kinds of people can be themselves and do their best work. It’s when everyone’s voice is heard and valued, that we are inspired to go beyond what’s been done before. That’s why we need people with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities to help us create the future, and are proud to be an affirmative-action equal opportunity employer. Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law. Oracle will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records pursuant to applicable law.

Job Description

The Virtual Operating System (VOS) development group provides a portable and high-performance platform for the Oracle Database. VOS is the platform upon which the database and the database cloud is built. We define abstractions and develop infrastructure modules that provide process/thread/user-threads management and scheduling, memory management, heap management, synchronization support, CPU/GPU and I/O resource allocation, placement and management, cloud interfacing and management, bin packing, machine learning, inter-cluster and inter-process communication, high-performance file and storage I/O, event model, statistics, data representation, compression, encryption, persistent memory programming model and more for autonomous cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud at customer, and on-premise environments. Our management hierarchy is entirely technical, developers who worked on these modules are still with the company for over 20+ years and have become Vice President, Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President and still actively participate in design discussion and refer to code that was developed by them.

Team and Product Description:

Oracle is the overall leader in the worldwide relational database management systems (RDBMS) software market. Oracle is the industry's most popular database by more than two to one margin over its nearest competitor. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is the world’s first autonomous data management in the cloud to deliver automated patching, upgrades, and tuning—including performing all routine database maintenance tasks while the system is running—without human intervention. This new autonomous database cloud is self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing, which helps to eliminate manual database management and human errors. Traditional database clouds are manually managed and tuned, subject to human error, and easily exposed to costly security vulnerabilities, making the promise of cloud savings and efficiency unattainable. Oracle is using machine learning to revolutionize data management with the introduction of the world’s first autonomous database cloud, delivering more automation for more savings. Achieving high performance on a broad variety of platforms and exploiting new technologies are important to maintaining Oracle's current and future leadership position in the database market.

We ensure that the Oracle database is a market leader on all cloud and platforms, from clustered Linux blade servers to the largest SMP servers (100+ cores and more than 16-32TB of DRAM). We define interfaces to the platform-specific layer that exploit OS-specific functionality, such as NUMA-aware memory allocation, persistent memory, dynamic reconfiguration, user-mode threads, cloud-computing, encryption, compression and virtualization.

Our evaluations of leading technologies such as Infiniband, as high throughput low latency interconnect, TSX, offload-engines, and leading-edge microprocessors like Intel-Cascade Lake, ARM, often lead to hardware enhancements that improve Oracle database performance and scalability. We often recommend introduction of new interfaces operating system and storage vendors.

We continuously collaborate with hardware/OS/storage vendors to understand their roadmaps and to propose improvements for better database performance and functionality.

Description of the Role - Job Responsibilities/Tasks

Responsibilities for a developer in the VOS area include designing and developing database kernel abstractions and modules to introduce new functionality or enhance scalability and performance, interfacing with other database developers to gather requirements for improving the database kernel, collaborating with OS/hardware vendors and the performance group on high-profile benchmarks, and providing systems expertise to the database division.

Through us, one gets an opportunity to interact with the various group in DB division, designers and architects in Cloud, Operating System and Hardware vendors and influence future software and hardware designs and roadmaps. We seek strong analytical and problem-solving skills, parallel programming, multi-threaded programming, coursework in operating systems and computer architecture (yeah!, the low level stuff), and proficiency in C or C++. If you enjoy solving complex software problems and learning about new technologies, talk to us!

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Degree level: BS/MS/Ph.D
  • Major(s): Computer Science/Electronics/Electrical
  • Programming languages: C/C++, ARM, x86 Assembly
  • Tools, software, etc: gdb, vi/emacs, perf, source control, git
  • Preferred coursework: (some) Operating Systems, Programming, Computer Architecture, Distributed Computing, Parallel Programming, Network Programming, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms
  • Other qualifications: Linux, Windows

How to Apply

Please contact Sumanta Chatterjee with your CV.