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Student Research Opportunities

Please refer to the faculty list for specific faculty contacts.

Research Environment

PDL's research focuses on both design and implementation. Supporting this work are state-of-the-art facilities including the latest in networking, workstation, storage, and software technology. The PDL has several high-performance testbeds that include over 100 IA32 workstations, 100Mbit and Gigabit ethernet, fibre channel and myrinet.

Industrial Collaboration

Research projects are carried out in close collaboration with industry. The PDC and DSSC have close ties with a broad range of corporations, the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and SNIA (Storage Network Industry Association). Collaboration is achieved through a diverse set of activities including site visits, visiting students and employees, and PDL sponsored yearly technical meetings with industrial sponsors.

Job Requirements

Requirements for the faculty and post-doctoral positions include a doctorate degree (or equivalent) in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering. Programming staff applicants should have a Masters degree or a Bachelors degree plus equivalent experience.

Where to Apply

A resume and statement of interest should be sent to:

Parallel Data Laboratory
c/o , PDL Administrative Manager
5000 Forbes Ave.
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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