NetApp: Full Time Opportunity

Position Type: Member of Technical Staff
Level: New College Grad (BS, MS or PhD)
Team: NetApp’s ActiveIQ Data Science team


Are you excited about deriving insights from petabytes of data using modern machine learning techniques? Are you naturally curious about experimenting with different algorithms to optimize your results? As the leading data management company, NetApp collects petabytes of telemetry data from its customers. We have a sophisticated analytics data pipeline that leverages the hybrid cloud. We use this data to resolve customer problems proactively, to drive sales, to enable our customers to optimize their storage, and to predict risks and trends. This data has also been used to collaborate with universities and write several award-winning research papers at top conferences.

We are looking for an engineer with a strong background in data science and programming to help develop the next set of data driven products for NetApp’s ActiveIQ analytics product.

Job Requirements

How to Apply

Please send your resume to:

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Last updated 1 February, 2018