April 2015
Garth Gibson Appointed Associate Dean for Master’s Programs

Congratulations to Garth, who has been made Associate Dean for Master’s Programs! Dean of Computer Science, Andrew Moore, says "the role of the Associate Dean for Master’s Programs is to help coordinate and facilitate the school’s mission to produce the very best master’s students in the world in our disciplines, and show the ways for other universities to do this. This applies across all types of master’s programs: research, academic, and professional. Garth is well-suited to the job: he has a history of making all kinds of organizations successful, and through his co-leadership (along with Eric Nyberg and Majd Sakr) of the Masters in Computational Data Science (founded originally by Anthony Tomasic) has been a very strong contributor within SCS’s suite of existing masters programs."

March 2015
PDL Ph.D. Student Receives Best Presentation Award at HiPEAC

Justin Meza received one of the two Best Presentation Awards at the 10th HiPEAC (High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation) conference. The HiPEAC conference is the premier European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems. The presented paper, titled "Efficient Data Mapping and Buffering Techniques for Multi-Level Cell Phase-Change Memories", is co-authored with ECE’s Onur Mutlu, alum HanBin Yoon and researchers from Google.

March 2015
Onur Mutlu Receives Google Faculty Research Award

Congratulations to Onur on receiving a Google Faculty Research Award. Google Research Awards are one-year awards structured as unrestricted gifts to universities to support the work of world-class full-time faculty members at top universities around the world. The intent of the Google Research Awards is to support cutting-edge research in Computer Science, Engineering, and related fields.

This Faculty Award is to support Professor Mutlu's research in the area of novel computer memory systems. Mutlu has been examining new memory architectures and interfaces with the goal of enabling low-cost and energy-efficient computation near data. His related research develops both new hardware substrates and software interfaces to perform computation in or close to memory as well as software techniques that can take better advantage of such new substrates and interfaces. A recent overview of Mutlu's research can be found here.
--info from ECE News and google.com

February 2015
Justing Meza Google 2015 PhD Fellowship Recipient

We would like to congratulate Justin Meza, for being selected to receive a Google US/Canada Fellowship for his work in Systems Reliability!

In 2009, Google created the PhD Fellowship program to recognize and support outstanding graduate students doing exceptional work in Computer Science (CS) and related disciplines. In that time we’ve seen past recipients add depth and breadth to CS by developing new ideas and research directions, from building new intelligence models to changing the way in which we interact with computers to advancing into faculty positions, where they go on to train the next generation of researchers.
-- googleresearch.blogspot.ca, Feb. 18, 2015

January 2015
Chad Dougherty CIT's Rookie of the Year!

The College of Engineering held its annual Staff Awards ceremony last week honoring exceptional staff. Congratulations to Chad Dougherty, a Principle Research Programmer with PDL, on winning CIT's Rookie of the Year Staff Award! Winners of the Rookie award are selected from members who have been a part of CIT for six months to two years as of November 1 in the nomination year, and excellence in the areas of job performance, dedication, positive attitude and contributions as a team player.

January 2015
Lorrie Cranor an ACM Fellow

Congratulations to Lorrie Cranor who has been made an ACM Fellow for contributions to research and education in usable privacy and security.

ACM recognizes its members for contributions to computing that are driving innovations across multiple domains and disciplines. “Our world has been immeasurably improved by the impact of their innovations. We recognize their contributions to the dynamic computing technologies that are making a difference to the study of computer science, the community of computing professionals, and the countless consumers and citizens who are benefiting from their creativity and commitment.”
-- info from ACM Press Room


November 2014
Best Paper at Supercomputing 2014

Congratulations to Kai Ren, Qing Zheng, Swapnil Patil, and Garth Gibson, who recieved the best paper award at Supercomputing 2014 for their work on "IndexFS: Scaling File System Metadata Performance with Stateless Caching and Bulk Insertion." The paper was chosen from among 84 papers and 394 submissions; the conference hosted 10160 attendees.

The paper, slides and code release are available at http://www.pdl.cmu.edu/indexfs.

More recent PDL news here.





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