5th Annual
October 26 - 29, 1997





Guest Speaker

Peter Lee
Why Proofs Equal Performance for Remote Execution
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Session I: NASD Interface and Prototyping

Garth Gibson
Designing SCSI-4: Network Attached Secure Disks (NASD)
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Jim Zelenka
CMU NASD Prototype Architecture
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Jim Zelenka
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Khalil Amiri
Cheops:A Highly Scalable Storage Service using Optimistic Synchronization and Smart NASDs
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Khalil Amiri
SIOFS on NASDs: A Scalable Library Filesystem for User-Level Communication
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Session II: NASD Networking and Future Directions

Jay Strosnider
Really Big System Design
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David Nagle
Networking for Network-Attached Storage
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Garth Gibson
PDL Research Directions
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Session III: Prefetching

David Rochberg
Prefetching and Caching Over a Network: Experience with CTIP
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Fay Chang
Automatic Hint Generation via Speculative Execution
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Angela Demke
Automatic Compiler-Inserted I/O Prefetching for Out-of-Core Applications
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Todd Mowry
Compiler-Based Prefetching for Recursive Data Structures
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Tara Madhyastha
Exploiting Global Input/Output Access Pattern Classification
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Session IV: Expanding the Scope of NASD

Marc Unangst
Design and Implementation of a NASD Video Server
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David Petrou
NASD Support for Scalable Web Servers
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Howard Gobioff
Directions of NASD Security Research
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Session V: More New Directions: Execution in NASD and Beyond

Erik Riedel
Active Disks: A Case for Remote Execution in Network Attached Storage
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Hui Zhang
Application Service/Overlay Networks and Hierarchical Resource Management
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Seth Goldstein
Smart Active Memories
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