5th Annual
October 26 - 29, 1997


Khalil Amiri
A Highly Scalable Storage System Using Optimistic Synchronization and Smart NASDs: A Proposal (Draft Thesis Proposal, Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, Oct., 1997)
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David Rochberg and Garth Gibson
Prefetching Over a Network: Early Experience with CTIP (Sigmetrics Performance Evaluation Review, Dec., 1997)
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Tara Madhyastha and Daniel Reed
Exploiting Global Input/Output Access Pattern Classification (Supercomputing 97)
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G. Gibson, D. Nagle, K. Amiri, F.Chang, H. Gobioff, E. Riedel, D. Rochberg and J. Zelenka
File Systems for Network-Attached Secure Disks (CMU Technical Report: CMU-CS-97-118)
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Howard Gobioff, Garth Gibson and Doug Tygar
Security for Network Attached Storage Devices (CMU Technical Report: CMU-CS-97-185)
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G. Gibson, D. Nagle, K. Amiri, F.Chang, E. Fienberg, H. Gobioff, C. Lee, B. Ozceri, E. Riedel, D. Rochberg and J. Zelenka
File Server Scaling with Network-Attached Secure Disks (ACM Sigmetrics 1997)
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Andrew Tomkins, R. Hugo Patterson and Garth Gibson
Informed Multi-Process Prefetching and Caching (ACM Sigmetrics 1997)
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T. Kimbrel, A. Tomkins, R.H. Patterson, B. Bershad, P. Cao, E.W. Felten, G. Gibson, A. Karlin and K. Li
A Trace Driven Comparison of Algorithms for Parallel Prefetching (OSDI 1996)
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Edited by Garth Gibson, Jeffrey Viter and John Wilkes
Report of the Working Group on Storage I/O Issues in Large Scale Computing (Strategic Directions in Computing Research, ACM Computing Surveys, Dec., 1996)
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P. Corbett, J.-P. Prost, C. Demetriou, G. Gibson, E. Riedel, J. Zelenka, Y. Chen, E. Felten, K. Li, J. Hartman, L. Peterson, B. Bershad, A. Wolman and R. Aydt
Proposal for a Common Parallel File System Programming Interface 1.0 (CMU Technical Report: CMU-CS-96-193)
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