MULTIMAP: Preserving Disk Locality for
Multidimensional Datasets

Contact: Anastassia Ailamaki

MultiMap is a new approach to mapping multidimensional datasets to the linear address space of storage systems. MultiMap exploits modern disk characteristics to provide full streaming bandwidth for one (primary) dimension and maximally efficient non-sequential access (i.e., minimal seek and no rotational latency) for the other dimensions. This is in contrast to existing approaches, which either severely penalize non-primary dimensions or fail to provide full streaming bandwidth for any dimension. Experimental evaluation of a prototype implementation demonstrates MultiMap's superior performance for range and beam queries. On average, MultiMap reduces overall I/O time by over 50% when compared to traditional naive layouts and by over 30% when compared to a Hilbert curve approach. For scans of the primary dimension, MultiMap and naive both provide almost two orders of magnitude higher throughput than the Hilbert curve approach.



We thank the members and companies of the PDL Consortium: Alibaba Group, Amazon, Datrium, Dell EMC, Facebook, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hitachi Ltd., Intel Corporation, IBM, Micron, Microsoft Research, NetApp, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Salesforce, Samsung Semiconductor Inc., Seagate Technology, Two Sigma, Veritas and Western Digital for their interest, insights, feedback, and support.




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