David O'Hallaron

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GHC 9125
(412) 268-8199
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Gates-Hillman 7123
(412) 268-6645
Mailing Address: School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
Associate Professor
ISR, Euclid, Quake

Research Interests:

Prof. O'Hallaron works on tools and applications for high-performance distributed systems. His current interest is aimed at improving the ability of scientists and engineers to visualize the contents of massive datasets that are generated and stored at remote sites.

The motivating application comes from the Quake Project, a long-term joint effort between Prof. O'Hallaron, Prof. Jonathan Shewchuk (Berkeley CS), Professors Jacobo Bielak and Omar Ghattas (CMU Civil Eng), Prof. Steve Day (SD State Geology), Prof. Yoshi Hisada (Kogakuin University, Tokyo), and our students. The goal of the Quake Project is to develop the capability to predict the motion of the ground during strong earthquakes. We have built parallel unstructured finite element simulations, using the Archimedes toolchain, that model the 1994 Northridge quake in Southern California and the 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu quake in Kobe, Japan. With over 13 million nodes and 77 million tetrahedral elements, they are among the largest unstructured finite element model ever constructed. Someday, they will help engineers design safer buildings in earthquake-prone regions of the world.

The datasets produced by the Quake Project are massive and must be stored at the remote supercomputing sites where they are generated. We are developing an application toolkit that will allow us to analyze and visualize these massive remote data sets in real time.





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