Database of Validated Disk Parameters

For each disk listed in the table, a set of files is provided in a gzip'd tar file (using the common UNIX/linux utilities). By unpacking this set in the subdirectory named "valid/" in the unpacked DiskSim release tarball, one can simply run the script called diskname.runvalid to exercise the downloaded disk characterization with the included validation trace.

With the exception of the last five parameter sets provided below, the disk parameters provided here were extracted automatically with the DIXtrac disk characterization tool

DiskSim 4.0 format

DiskSim 2.0 format


These data were measured from the indicated disk drives and compared favorably to the same drives for a set of request traces. The authors make no guarantees that they are accurate and accept no responsibility for inaccuracies. They also accept no responsibility for results generated or conclusions drawn from them. The data are provided to advance storage system simulation only. All trademarks are owned by their respective companies. 




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