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    RE: Bit numbering I-D nit

    Ok, here's the resolution, complete with AD approval, and I even
    used the "normative" word for clarity ...
    (1) Any normative diagram (i.e., one that the reader must understand
    	in order to implement the protocol) MUST use the bit and byte
    	order in the ID nits document.  A version using the T11 bit and
    	byte order may be provided in addition to (but NOT instead of)
    	the primary version with a note that it is provided for the
    	convenience of those familiar with Fibre Channel.  A note to
    	the RFC Editor SHOULD be inserted to instruct that the bit
    	and byte order not be changed in this second version.
    (2) It is acceptable to provide the sole version of a diagram in T11
    	bit and byte order when that diagram is:
    	- not normative, AND
    	- located in an appendix of the draft
    	In this situation, the draft needs to make it clear that the
    	appendix containing such a diagram is not normative.  RFC 2625
    	is an example, as it is clear from context that the appendices
    	are not normative.  Any new draft needs to contain an explicit
    	statement that the appendixes are not normative (i.e., do not
    	impose requirements on the protocol).  A note to the RFC Editor
    	similar to the previous case SHOULD be inserted.
    The above items also apply to T10 and SCSI via the obvious word/acronym
    substitutions.  I hope this is satisfactory.
    David L. Black, Senior Technologist
    EMC Corporation, 42 South St., Hopkinton, MA  01748
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