SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Spring 2002

January 10
Title: Timing-Accurate Storage Emulation
Speaker: John Griffin, CMU
January 17
Title: Freeblock Scheduling Outside of Disk Firmware
Speaker: Chris Lumb, CMU
January 24
Title: rePLay : A Hardware Framework for Dynamic Optimization
Speaker: Sanjay Patel, Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
February 7
Title: Quality of Service for Storage Devices (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: David Stewart, Cambridge Univ.
February 8
Title: Towards the Development of Robust Device Drivers
Speaker: Laurent Réveillère, ENSEIRB, Bordeaux, FR
February 21
Title: Cryptographic Key Generation Using Features in a Speaker's Voice
Speaker: Fabian Monrose, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
March 7
Title: Fault-Tolerant TCP: Wrapping Server-Side TCP to Mask Connection Failures
(Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Tom Bressoud, Bell Laboratories
March 28
Title: DVSR: A High-Performance Protocol to Tame the Metro Bottleneck
Speaker: Edward Knightly, Rice University
April 4
Title: Fine-Grain Policy-Based Access Control for Distributed Systems
Speaker: Sotiris Ioannidis, UPenn
April 10
Title: Virtualized Network Storage (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Darrell Anderson, Duke University
April 25
Title: Infranet: Circumventing Web Censorship and Surveillance
Speaker: Nick Feamster, MIT
May 2
Title: Puppeteer: Component-Based Adaptation for Mobile Computing (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Eyal de Lara, Rice University
May 9
Title: Improving Interactive Response in Mobile Environments
Speaker: Dushyanth Narayanan, CMU
May 17
Title: IceCube Project
Speaker: Winfried W. Wilcke, IBM Almaden
May 23
Title: A Programming Framework for Intel's Network Processors (Intel Seminar)
Speaker: Larry Huston, Intel's Network Processor Division

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