DATE: Thursday , January 10, 2002
TIME: Noon - 1 pm
PLACE: Hamerschlag Hall, D-Level Conference Room

John Griffin
Carnegie Mellon University

Timing-Accurate Storage Emulation

Timing-accurate storage emulation fills an important gap in the set of common performance evaluation techniques for proposed storage designs: it allows a researcher to experiment with not-yet-existing storage components in the context of real systems executing real applications. As its name suggests, a timing-accurate storage emulator appears to the system to be a real storage component with service times matching a simulation model of that component. In this talk I promote timing-accurate storage emulation by describing its unique features, demonstrating its feasibility, and illustrating its value. This is a practice talk for FAST 2002 so grab some pizza and turn up the (preferably constructive) criticism.

John is a Ph.D. candidate in ECE and spends his days chained to his cubicle down in the D-level dungeons in Hamerschlag Hall. Ghostly pale and severely malnourished, he cringes with his fellow D-level denizens as advisor Greg Ganger whips him with old electrical cords and demands that he type ever-more, more, more code with his battered and bleeding fingers.

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