SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 1997

August 14
Title: Storage Device Modeling Using a Composite Device Model
Speaker: Liddy Shriver, Bell Labs
September 4
Title: Trace-Based Mobile Network Emulation
Speaker: M. Satyanarayanan, CMU
September 4
Title: A Hierarchical Fair Service Curve Algorithm for Link-Sharing, Real-Time and Priority Services
Speaker: Ion Stoica, CMU
September 11
Title: CMU Internet and Research Network Access
Speakers: Jamshid Mahdavi and Peter Berger, PSC
September 17
Title: A Scalable Virtual Machine
Speaker: Steve Lucco, Microsoft
September 19
Title: The Solaris MC clustering operating system
Speaker: Ken Shirriff, Sun
September 19
Title: Design of a Bidirectional Debugger
Speaker: Bob Boothe, University of Southern Maine
September 25
Title: Agile Application-Aware Adaptation for Mobility
Speaker: Brian Noble, CMU
September 25
Title: The Flux OSKit: A Substrate for OS and Language Research
Speaker: Bryan Ford, CMU & Univ. of Utah
October 2
Title: Compiler-Directed Page Coloring for Multiprocessors
Speaker: Todd Mowry, CMU
October 9
Title: Overlay striping and optimal parallel I/O for modern applications
Speaker: Christo Faloutsos, Univ. of Maryland & CMU
October 16
Title: Automatic Compiler-Inserted I/O Prefetching for Out-of-Core Applications
Speaker: Angela Demke, CMU
October 23
Title: Potential Benefits of Delta-encoding and Data Compression for HTTP
Speaker: Fred Douglis, AT&T Labs - Research
October 30
Title: A Language for Describing Predictors and Its Use to Automatically Synthesize Them or Guessing with Darwin's Help
Speaker: Dr. Joel S. Emer, Digital Equipment Corporation
November 13
Title: Operation-based Update Propagation in a Mobile File System
Speaker: Yui-wah LEE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) & CMU
November 20
Title: How to Introduce Tomorrow's Internet Services Today
Speaker: David Wetherall, MIT LCS
December 4
Title: Continuous Instruction-Level Profiling on In-Order and Out-of-Order Processors
Speaker: Carl Waldspurger, DIGITAL System Research Center

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