SDI Seminar

Speaker: David Wetherall, MIT LCS

Date: November 20, 1997

Where & When: WeH 8220, Noon

How to Introduce Tomorrow's Internet Services Today


The performance of modern distributed computing is heavily dependent on the network services used to move information among machines. Curiously, the evolution of these services has been much slower than than the evolution of almost any other part of the environment on which computing systems are built. To ameliorate this problem, an active network permits applications to inject customized programs into network nodes. This supports faster service innovation by making it easier to deploy new network services, even over the wide area.

The central challenges in designing an active network are reducing the difficulty of implementing new services and ensuring that the added flexibility does not have an adverse impact on performance or security. In this talk, I will present a novel network architecture, ANTS, that tackles these challenges. ANTS allows new protocols to be dynamically deployed at both routers and end systems without the need for coordination and without unwanted interaction between co-existing protocols. It employs mobile code technology and makes extensive use of protocol caching and soft storage within the network.