SDI Seminar

Speakers: Jamshid Mahdavi and Peter Berger, PSC

CMU Internet and Research Network Access

Date: September 11, 1997


Jamshid and Peter will discuss how connectivity to the Internet and to several research networks is provided to the Pittsburgh area, and particularly to CMU. Internet connectivity via MCI is shared by CMU, Pitt, Penn State, PREPnet and PSC, and comes to CMU via the PSC. Research connections to the vBNS, AAInet, and others are part of a Pittsburgh gigapop effort. This effort is a joint project of CMU CS, CMU Academic Computing, PSC and Penn State-with other participants coming on board soon.

This talk will outline the infrastructure involved in providing this connectivity and the role PSC plays in it. This will include details about the network hardware, the physical connections, and the routing architecture for these connections. We will explain what PSC does to monitor the various network connections and what happens when something goes wrong. Finally, we will talk about what CS users can do when they detect a problem in order to get the fastest possible resolution and where they can go to get up-to-date information on network status both when things are working and when they aren't.