SDI/ISTC Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 2016

15 Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure SCS Distinguished Lecture: Configurable Clouds and a New Era of Soft Microarchitecture
20 Kimberly Keeton,
Hewlett Packard Labs
ECE Graduate Seminar: Memory-Driven Computing
20 Peter Braam, Entrepreneur Big Data and Computing for the SKA Telescope
20 Jiří Šimša, Alluxio Alluxio: A Memory-Speed Virtual Distributed Storage System
19 Joseph Bradley, Databricks Foundations for Scaling Analytics in Apache Spark
15 Julian Shun,
UC Berkeley
Parallel Local Graph Clustering
13 Yen-Kuang Chen, Intel Distributed End-to-end Video Analytics
8 Daniel Berger,
University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Maximizing Cache Hit Ratios of CDN Memory Caches with Adaptive Size-Aware Admission Control


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