SDI/LCS Seminar Abstract Archive - Spring 1998

January 29
Title: Transparent Shared Memory on Clusters of SMPs Using Remote-Write Networks
Speaker: Sandhya Dwarkadas, University of Rochester
February 12
Title: Transparent, Low-Overhead Recovery for Distributed Applications
Speaker: Peter M. Chen, University of Michigan
February 19
Title: Compiling with Proofs
Speaker: George Necula, CMU
February 26
Title: Non-Rotating Mass Data Storage Devices
Speaker: Rick Carley, CMU
March 5
Title: Comparative Evaluation of Latency Tolerance Techniques for Software Distributed Shared Memory
Speaker: Todd Mowry, CMU
March 19
Title: Traffic Management of Internet Protocols on ATM Networks
Speaker: Raj Jain, OSU
April 2
Title: The World of Community
Speaker: Vijay Saraswat, AT&T
April 9
Title: The Linux Virtual Filesystem
Speaker: Peter Braam, CMU
April 16
Title: On supporting an Internet Cellular Phone Network
Speaker: B. R. Badrinath, Rutgers University
April 23
Title: Adventures in Asymmetric Networking
Speaker: Bruce Maggs, CMU
April 30
Title: A Performance Comparison of Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols
Speaker: David Maltz, CMU
May 7
Title: SLIC: An Extensibility System for Commodity Operating Systems
Speaker: David Petrou, CMU
May 14
Title: Scalable Optimistic Concurrency Control Using Smart Devices
Speaker: Khalil Amiri, CMU

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