SDI/ISTC Seminar Abstract Archive - Fall 2013


5 Rich Hickey,
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
21 Charles Hardin and Ramesh Balan, Exablox SmashFS: A Cluster Filesystem using Content Addressable Objects
18 Mike Bond, Ohio State Practical Language and System Support for Reliable, Scalable Concurrency
14 Dmitriy Ryaboy, Twitter Realtime and Batch Data Processing @ Twitter
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
6 Carlos Rozas, Intel New Security Extensions for the Intel Processor
Special Joint SDI Seminar / CyLab Research Talk

1 Dushyanth Narayanan, Microsoft Research FaRM: Fast Remote Memory
31 John Wilkes, Google Omega: flexible, scalable schedulers for large compute clusters and the abstract still?
31 Heming Cui, Columbia University A Practical Runtime for Deterministic, Stable, and Reliable Threads
24 Jonathan Ellis, Cassandra Beyond Bigtable: Challenges in Cassandra 2.0
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
24 Sean Roberts, Yahoo!
Colin McNamara,
Nexus IS Inc.
Open Source Contribution Revelation, OpenStack Frienemies

23 Ethan Miller, UCSC and Pure Storage Inside the Pure Storage Flash Array: Building a High Performance, Data Reducing Storage System from Commodity SSDs
17 Tyson Condie,
Microsoft / UCLA
Big Learning Systems
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
10 Dwight Merriman,
The New Era of Data Management: MongoDB and Document Databases
*partially funded by Yahoo! Labs
3 Limin Jia, CMU The Design, Implementation, and Verification of an Extensible Hypervisor Framework
26 Yoshihisa Abe, CMU vTube: Efficient Streaming of Virtual Appliances Over Last-Mile Networks
26 Bradley Malin,
Vanderbilt University
Designing Practical Data Privacy Management Systems to Support Biomedical Research


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