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    Re: [Ips] New IPS list administrivia

    Thank you for your diligence.
    On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, wrote:
    > Sorry for the intrusion of administrivia; with luck this will
    > be the only message I need to send on this topic ...
    > As part of transferring the IPS mailing list to IETF, new mailing
    > list passwords were assigned to everyone - your password is
    > needed to unsubscribe from the list, and to change options (e.g.,
    > digests vs. individual messages).  To get your password, go
    > to: , enter your
    > email address in the bottom box at the bottom of the page (in
    > the Ips Subscribers section), click the "Edit Options" button
    > and then click the "Email My Password To Me" button on the next
    > page.  The IETF email list manager will automatically send monthly
    > reminders of list passwords to everyone, so if you don't have
    > anything that needs to be done now, you don't need to do anything.
    > There are about ten email addresses transferred from the CMU
    > list that have bounced all messages sent to them.  IF you have
    > one of these addresses, AND you have found this message (e.g.,
    > in the list archive), AND your address is now accepting email,
    > AND you'd like to receive IPS list email again, THEN follow the
    > above instructions to get your password which will enable
    > you to turn off the "Disable mail delivery" option (further
    > down the same page as the "Email My Password To Me" button).
    > At least one list member has a spam filter that demands a response
    > from a human when email from an unknown address arrives.  The
    > postmaster for that member has been sent a note asking the postmaster
    > to ask the member to update his/her whitelist to allow email through.
    > While it's a courtesy to do so, those who post to this list
    > should not feel obligated to respond to clueless spam filters.
    > Speaking of clueless spam filters, at least one company has
    > its email firewall configured to reject Internet-Draft announcements
    > (the firewall appears to be configured to reject the MIME
    > type used by those announcements).  The postmaster for the
    > company involved has been sent a note that their email firewall
    > is being overly aggressive.  If you're not getting Internet-Draft
    > announcements (there was one sent to the IPS list this afternoon,
    > just before 3pm Eastern time), you might want to check with
    > your postmaster about this.
    > Thanks,
    > --David
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