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    [Ips] New IPS list administrivia

    Sorry for the intrusion of administrivia; with luck this will
    be the only message I need to send on this topic ...
    As part of transferring the IPS mailing list to IETF, new mailing
    list passwords were assigned to everyone - your password is
    needed to unsubscribe from the list, and to change options (e.g.,
    digests vs. individual messages).  To get your password, go
    to: , enter your
    email address in the bottom box at the bottom of the page (in
    the Ips Subscribers section), click the "Edit Options" button
    and then click the "Email My Password To Me" button on the next
    page.  The IETF email list manager will automatically send monthly
    reminders of list passwords to everyone, so if you don't have
    anything that needs to be done now, you don't need to do anything.
    There are about ten email addresses transferred from the CMU
    list that have bounced all messages sent to them.  IF you have
    one of these addresses, AND you have found this message (e.g.,
    in the list archive), AND your address is now accepting email,
    AND you'd like to receive IPS list email again, THEN follow the
    above instructions to get your password which will enable
    you to turn off the "Disable mail delivery" option (further
    down the same page as the "Email My Password To Me" button).
    At least one list member has a spam filter that demands a response
    from a human when email from an unknown address arrives.  The
    postmaster for that member has been sent a note asking the postmaster
    to ask the member to update his/her whitelist to allow email through.
    While it's a courtesy to do so, those who post to this list
    should not feel obligated to respond to clueless spam filters.
    Speaking of clueless spam filters, at least one company has
    its email firewall configured to reject Internet-Draft announcements
    (the firewall appears to be configured to reject the MIME
    type used by those announcements).  The postmaster for the
    company involved has been sent a note that their email firewall
    is being overly aggressive.  If you're not getting Internet-Draft
    announcements (there was one sent to the IPS list this afternoon,
    just before 3pm Eastern time), you might want to check with
    your postmaster about this.
    David L. Black, Senior Technologist
    EMC Corporation, 176 South St., Hopkinton, MA  01748
    +1 (508) 293-7953             FAX: +1 (508) 293-7786        Mobile: +1 (978) 394-7754
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