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    RE: iSCSI - Errata - to 20

    • To: Julian Satran <>, Ips@Ece.Cmu.Edu
    • Subject: RE: iSCSI - Errata - to 20
    • From: Eddy Quicksall <>
    • Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 13:43:13 -0400
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    Section 5 says:


       a key=value in the data part of one of the following Login or Text

       Response or Request.


    It is plural so should it say "PDUs"?


       a key=value in the data part of one of the following Login or Text

       Response or Request PDUs.



    10.12.4 says:


       The version number of the current draft is 0x01. As such, all

       devices MUST carry version 0x01 for both Version-min and Versionmax.


    Version-min and Version-max are a part of a login request. Is it saying that an initiator may only use a min of 1 and a max of 1? Or is this saying that my target can only accept a min of 1 and a max of 1?


    I think your intent is that an initiator complying to this draft must have a Version-max of 1 and a target complying must be able to operate with a Version-min of 1.


    Also, a typo - I think "Versionmax" should be "Version-max".



    Section 11 says:


       Other keys MUST NOT be used.


    What about these?

       a) Z-reversed.vendor.dns_name.do_something=

       b) Z<#><IANA-registered-string>=




    Section 13 says:


       The well-known

       system TCP port number for iSCSI connections assigned by IANA is 860

       and this port can be used with an override.


    Can someone clue me in as to what an "override" is? Does this simply mean I should support bot 3260 and 860 at my target?




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    IPS List




    iSCSI - Errata - to 20




    Dear all,

    As I promised (with a slight delay) the iSCSI draft-20 + errata (that we intend to insert just before publication as an RFC) is on my site (at

    Things fixed:

    -several editorial glitches (wording, typos)
    -version raised to 0x01 (that was agreed/dictated on the list to happen when RFC is issued to distinguish RFC-level from pre RFC level).
    -IESG required text for CHAP administrative domains
    -clarifying that some chap keys that can have in theory an arbitrary number of bits have in iSCSI a length that is a multiple of 8bits
    -clarifying that TargetPortalGroup does not have to be returned in some cases
    -the UA related text for abort (in both relevant places)
    -port numbers (default unchanged but can be overridden with the system port 860)

    Please have look and comment (before we say good bye :-))

    P.S. - I do not know when the RFC is going to show up but it should not be long


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