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    RE: StatSN and overlapped commands

    On Tue, 5 Aug 2003 wrote:
    > Julian,
    > I agree that the initiator is misbehaving, but I don't agree that the
    > target should detect that misbehavior. The target SCSI layer thinks the
    > command was done when it generated the status. As David said, the target
    > keeps the status around so that it can resend it if requested by Status
    > SNACK. It doesn't need to keep track of the tag anymore at that point.
    Well, I'll add one more opinion to the pot; I agree with Julian. :-) I
    agree that the _SCSI_ command is completed, but I think that the iSCSI
    task isn't done until the status is ack'd.
    Doesn't the target still need to keep track of the tag in case (for a SCSI
    read) a data SNACK comes in? It was my understanding that until you get an
    ack that the read data all got there, you need to be able to handle a
    request for data re-transmit. And to do that, you need the ITT.
    As a twisted-but-legal scenario, consider you have a read command (data
    from target to initiator) with ITT=5 that completes and the target sends
    status. A new read command comes in with ITT=5 but w/o Stat
    acknowledgement of the first ITT=5 command. Then a Data SNACK comes in for
    ITT=5. Which SCSI command's data should be re-sent?
    > If the target had to generate an error when a command came with for a
    > tag before the status for a prior command with the same tag was
    > acknowledged, then it would have to clear the memory of tags when status
    > acks came in which is less efficient than doing it when posting the
    > status.
    While I agree it's not as efficient, if we don't wait until we get status
    ack to clear the ITT, how do we avoid ambiguity in dealing with SNACKs?
    Take care,


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