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    iSCSI NAA naming: next steps

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    • Subject: iSCSI NAA naming: next steps
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    • Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 11:56:47 -0400
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    After attending the T10 meetings during the week before
    Vienna, it looks like T10 is going to adopt text string
    names for SCSI devices without requiring them as the
    only format.  The current T10 proposal, which will
    be taken up again by T10 in September in Seattle, is:
    Ignore the fact that the document page header says r4
    - it is r5, as the author appears to have overlooked
    forgot to change that number when revising the document.
    On this basis, it makes sense to proceed with NAA naming
    for iSCSI, draft-ietf-ips-iscsi-name-ext-00.txt .
    As WG co-chair, I request the authors of the NAA naming
    draft to coordinate that draft with George Penokie, the
    author of T10/02-419.  Given T10's propensity to edit
    proposals, an r6 version of T10/02-419 is likely to result
    from T10's September meetings, so the plan for the IPS
    WG will be to start a WG Last Call in mid-September
    on a version of the iSCSI name-ext draft that is consistent
    with what T10 adopts in their Seattle meetings, on the
    (optimistic) assumption that T10 will adopt some version
    of 02-419 in Seattle in September.
    Also, the iSCSI name-ext draft authors are the right people
    to review T10/02-419 to see if it has any implications
    for or inconsistencies with the approved version (-20)
    of iSCSI.  I would ask that they perform that review and
    report to the WG in the next several weeks so that if
    any changes are required in T10/02-419, we can get them
    made in Seattle in September.
    David L. Black, Senior Technologist
    EMC Corporation, 176 South St., Hopkinton, MA  01748
    +1 (508) 293-7953             FAX: +1 (508) 293-7786        Mobile: +1 (978) 394-7754


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