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    RE: iSCSI: key negotiation - Unrecognized value?

    My impression was that "notUnderstood" was used if the key name itself could
    not be decoded.
    I believe that the correct behavior in the specific case should be:
    Originator-> MaxConnections=yes
    Responder->  MaxConnections=reject (with a login response of "Initiator
    The reason being, is that this key is clearly defined as a numeric field
    with specific ranges of values. To send a non-numeric value for this key
    would be an initiator error and should be treated as such.
    Although processing as "notunderstood" may allow the login to continue, it
    will also "cover up" the error allowing bad code to continue live on. Do we
    really want to make it easy for people to not even follow the spec?
    Kevin Lemay 
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    Subject: Re: iSCSI: key negotiation - Unrecognized value?
    Marjorie, Julian, all,
    When a value doesn't belong to the valid set of
    assignable values to a key, but is offered, 
    as Marjorie's example, shouldn't the following
    take place:
    Originator-> MaxConnections=yes
    Responder->  MaxConnections=NotUnderstood
    Also, isn't ``Reject'' used for a valid, assignable
    value, but for which the responder has no resources:
    Originator-> MaxConnections=4294967296
    Responder->  MaxConnections=Reject
    I.e. the responder cannot allow 2^32 connections,
    since the OS will not allow it in the first place...
    (If your OS allows it, replace the number with 1e3000
    above ;-)
    P.S. The ``NotUnderstood'' reply above would also
    be semantically correct.
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